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⚠️Rising Force – The Uprising “The last man standing”

Event Information:
All players will be summoned in a miniature sphere at ROCK JAW along with that the players will be surrounded with HOST MAR a monster from Beast Mountain. You can roam around and avoid the stinging attacks of Host Mar to survive. How far can your luck take you?

  1. You must create lvl 1 character
  2. The use of stealth is strictly prohibited. (Punishment = ban)
  3. You must have a party of 8 (1 party)
  4. Once the GM announce that the event will start ALL PLAYERS MUST BE READY. (each party is given 5 minutes to prepare)
  5. The last man standing will be considered as winner so you must survive at all cost.

Prize: +5/7 Saint[B] Weapons of your choice 2 winners per race. That’ll be 2 rounds per race!

📌When: Sunday December 20 4:00 PM+8 GMT

Good luck!

🌐Website: https://rftheuprising.com/
🌐Game CP: https://uprisingforce.gamecp.net/
🌐Download the game: https://bit.ly/3n42g8g