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Rising Force – The Uprising Under-siege Season 1 EPISODE 1


Greetings, Citizens of Novus!

The ceaseless battle for supremacy and the unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint never stops. It is time to prove your skills and strength and stand above all and be hailed as the UNDER SIEGE SEASON 1 CHAMPION.

⚔️Class Restrictions⚔️

1 Spec (depends on your choice of spec class)
1 Punisher
1 Warder
1 Pure Ranger (any pure ranger except gunner)
1 Launcher

1 Chandra
1 Pure Mage
1 Berserker
1 Ranger (either you go for MM or a trapper)
1 Spec (Either you go for a Maue’r or a towerist)

1 Magus
1 Summoner
1 Ranger (either you go for a killer type or trapper)
1 Spec
1 Warrior (your choice, either tanker or zealot)

📌Rules & Regulations

  • There are no limits of towers to be deployed
  • There are no limits of traps to be deployed
  • The use of revival potion, runes, stealth is strictly prohibited.
  • Best out for 3
  • 15 minutes per round (If it were to happen that after the given time there are no deaths from both teams, the staff will be forced to proceed to (Death Match round)
  • Death Match Round – The first 2 players who dies on either team will lose the round. (during the death match round there is no time limit only the regular rounds)
  • After the 15 minutes given time the team with the most deaths will be considered as loser. The team with the most members alive after the 15 minutes given time expires will be hailed as winners
  • Since we have a time limit placed, to avoid players “only dodging” in order to stay alive we will be strictly monitoring players who would just “avoid and not attack” A warning will be given and if repeatedly done the team will be forced to forfeit.

-Players who don’t have account in game are unable to participate in this event.

-The character must have 150 hours of playing time. (This is to ensure that there are no dummy players who can join.

-The staff will be providing the items for all the participants.
+5 55 Armors | +5 Weapons | +5 55 Shield | Max Elems
*We will only put 1 choice of armors and this depends on your class. For example mage, we will therefore give you FR items and so on.)

📌 NOTE: RULES AND MECHS WILL BE UPDATED IF NECESSSARY! SO STAY TUNED! THE DAYS OF IMPLEMENTING THIS EVENT WILL VARY ON HOW MANY TEAMS WILL JOIN THE 5V5. (Meaning if all teams cannot be catered on December 6 the remaining teams will be moved to another day)

🔰Submit your entries using in our GMAIL account below
📩 [email protected]
Deadline of Submission is Dec 3, 2020
All entries after said date will not be counted.

Team Name/Captain:
Player 1:

Player 2:

and so on.

When: Sunday, December 6, 2020
Time: After 2:00 PM WAR (HSK WILL BE KILLED)
Submission of entries starts now (November 24, Tuesday)
End of submission (December 3, 2020)

📌Looking for an RF ONLINE PRIVATE SERVER? Join us in RF Uprising where everything is classic!
🔰Strictly no solo pack & guild pack.
🔰No item donation therefore, RMT is the KEY! 🔑
🔰Saint Armors (White Armors era)
🔰No overly edited items, everything is classic!
🔰Default Server and CCR Based
🔰Mid Rate Server
🔰Cap level is 65
🔰2 weeks old server and current population peak is at 300! 🎉
🔰Weekly Events
🔰Server Rules activated to protect the well-being of the players and the server’s stability
🔰Grind Server (waste not your effort and play RF Uprising!)
Indonesian? Filipino? Brazilian? It doesn’t matter what nationality you came from, we are inviting you to play with us in RF Uprising!
Join our growing community now and win amazing prizes!
🌐FULL CLIENT: https://bit.ly/3n42g8g
🌐Register: https://uprisingforce.gamecp.net/
🌐Website: https://rftheuprising.com/