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📌What’s in the BOX?

Event Information:
You have to guess the item that is in the box. There will be no clue so any items in game that you see and even use could possible be in the box. Have a wild guess and let your instincts dictate your answers!

In this event players are only allowed to give 3 answers.


  1. React “wow”
  2. Share it in your wall and make sure it is public. (If it happen that you won and you shared this but it’s not public you will be disqualified.)
  3. Mention anyone who is playing RF ONLINE
  4. Comment your answer using this format:
    IGN: Lothan
  5. Holymental Scanner
  6. Ores
  7. Archon’s Authority Staff
    Mention @Friend 1

NOTE: Anyone who does not follow the mechanics will be disqualified. Profiles will be checked if a player happen to win.

Prize: 1 stack talics of your choice

Good luck!

📌Looking for an RF ONLINE PRIVATE SERVER? Join us in RF Uprising where everything is classic!
🔰Strictly no solo pack & guild pack.
🔰No item donation therefore, RMT is the KEY! 🔑
🔰Saint Armors (White Armors era)
🔰No overly edited items, everything is classic!
🔰Default Server and CCR Based
🔰Mid Rate Server
🔰Cap level is 65
🔰2 weeks old server and current population peak is at 300! 🎉
🔰Weekly Events
🔰Server Rules activated to protect the well-being of the players and the server’s stability
🔰Grind Server (waste not your effort and play RF Uprising!)
Indonesian? Filipino? Brazilian? It doesn’t matter what nationality you came from, we are inviting you to play with us in RF Uprising!
Join our growing community now and win amazing prizes!
🌐FULL CLIENT: https://bit.ly/3n42g8g
🌐Register: https://uprisingforce.gamecp.net/
🌐Website: https://rftheuprising.com/