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RF Online Still Alive? Everything You Need to Know

RF Online is a sci-fi themed massive multiplayer role-playing game. There are three playable factions in the galaxy of Novus: the industrious Bellatos, the mystical Corites, and the mechanical Accretions. Crag mine produces rich ores, which provide economic sustenance to all three factions.

As a result, the mine core is guarded at all times by an epic beast known as the Holystone Keeper. Anyone who attempts to approach the mine core will instantly be destroyed by the Holystone Keeper, who cannot be killed. Thanks to the results of a recent chip war, the monster can temporarily be persuaded to befriend one particular race.

Superb Game Setting

Every eight hours, chip wars are fought three times a day. Chip wars are player-versus-player battles in which the mine core is temporarily up for grabs. For a limited period, the Holystone Keeper grants a mining monopoly to the faction that destroys a rival faction’s chip control tower. A monopoly’s duration is determined by the health of the victorious faction’s control tower at the end of the war.

To run the chip back to the mine core, however, the last person to hit the destroyed control tower can do so. Under the protection of the Keeper, his or her faction will have a full seven hours to mine. Even though you don’t need to control the core to mine, it sounds like a lot of work to dig up some more. Enlisting becomes worthwhile though since you can earn a huge mining bonus for controlling the core as well as a morale boost from a victory.


The player selects a race and fights monsters to gain experience points, as in many MMORPGs. RFO is filled with a wide variety of monsters. As a character begins the game, he or she will be guided through an in-game guide of basic commands. Afterwards, the character is exposed to several quests that introduce them to their character’s headquarters.

Characters can be taken on quests that can lead them out to hostile maps, where they will be exposed to the game’s player-killing features as they advance in level. At low levels, players are made aware of the threat and constant presence of enemy races in the Sette Desert.

PVP Battle

While large-scale player-versus-player battles can be thrilling if you’re well-equipped, you aren’t obligated to join in. This makes these daily battles somewhat exclusive since you have to be at least level 25 to damage a control tower. If you aren’t at least level 30, you won’t have much of a chance to compete in a player-versus-player battle. Even high-level characters die a lot during chip wars. If you die at the hands of another player, you’ll have to respawn at one of your faction’s bases and run back to the battlefield. In addition, players earn contribution points when they kill an enemy, which is used to determine their rank among other faction members, and the highest-ranking members of each faction receive special leadership privileges.

There are other forms of race warfare as well. Completing quests will often lead to encounters with members of opposing factions. If you want to earn more contribution points, you can kill other players when you see them or even go hunting for them. There are some areas in the game which are more heavily contested than others, so you can usually avoid being trounced by other players if you want to. The fact there isn’t an obvious penalty for killing low-level players does seem unbalanced, and you’ll often see people trashing players who aren’t at their computers.

Political Factions

Three character races are available: Bellato Union, Holy Alliance Cora, and Accretian Empire. Each with its specialization. In addition to warriors, rangers, specialists, and each race’s special classes, every race has its sub-classes. The Accretian Empire is heavily reliant on technology, so magic is not available to them. Both magic and technology are used by the Holy Alliance of Cora, although offensive magic is used more often.

Both magic and technology are used by Bellato Union, but technology is used more for offence and magic is used more for support. Increasing class levels leads to class advancements. Furthermore, characters can crossclass within races for a wide variety of options.

Is the Game Still Alive?

Yes, RF Online is very much alive. Even more alive that newer MMORPG out there. RF Online is now available for download with no monthly subscription required as of Wednesday, 17th October (2 pm GMT)

It is a traditional fantasy and futuristic Sci-Fi game set that comes with the deep space galaxy of Novus which has a set of three races that players have to complete to get the power and resource. As the game has been updated again, players can now experience the all-new updated called “Age of Patron” and this time the game is free so it will available for all the players to play the game.

This is a great game that comes with a strong community which is one of the reasons why you are going to see this free-to-play for everyone title attached to the game. Through this feature, everyone will get the chance to play the game who were not able to play it in the first place. Kyle Rowley, Community Manager, Codemasters Online said that they are encouraging people to come and play it online for fun.