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Guide to RF Online Item Combination and Crafting.

RF Online The Uprising features multiple varieties and ways to upgrade and improve your character using items in the game – one of them is crafting new items using the item combination feature. It is an exciting feature that lets you play with the game’s crafting system to get your desired equipment based on your character level. It allows you to get better equipment usually not dropped by monsters in exchange for lower-tier items and materials. If you are lucky, some combination will gain you some top of line higher tier items.

If you are a long time player of the game, then you must be familiar with the item combination system and how it works to your advantage. Each version or server of the game has different formulas of item combinations depending on the item you want to craft. RF Online The Uprising features an updated and comprehensive list of item combination guides for you to follow here. But in case you are new to this game, you must check the article below so you can be familiar with RF Online’s crafting and item combination system.

What is Item Combination in RF Online, and how do I craft an item?

Item Combination in RF Online allows a player to combine crafting materials, gears and other items into a piece of better equipment. It is also used to craft upgrade materials, Blueprints, Jetpacks and change one type of equipment into something else. 

Item Combination is an essential part of the game regardless of race or profession. So how do you craft an item using the Item Combination feature? To use the Item Combiner in the game, you will need to go to the HERO NPC located at any of the HQ Settlements for each race. After talking to the HERO NPC, select Item Combination on the menu to open the panel. If you already know the items you need to combine to create a specific item or equipment that you need, then it’s an easy process from here. Start by dragging the items from your bag into the item combiner panel or you can Shift+Left-Click the items in your bag. After you simply need to click the centre button and wait for your item to be combined and crafted. Congratulations, you have now crafted a new item!

Materials and items needed for item combination in RF Online

There is a wide variety of materials you need for combining items in RF Online. The majority of the materials are dropped by mobs or Pit Bosses. If you are unsure of where to get the materials you need, you can check our Droplist Guide here to see which mobs drop the materials you need and where they are located.