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📌500,000 Gold Capsule Give away!

RF Uprising management will be giving away 500,000 of gold capsules!

How to get these gold capsules? It’s very simple! Just follow the mechanics below;


  1. You must open this link: https://bit.ly/3mt93Zu
  2. YOU MUST React “wow”
  3. Comment #RFUprisingRoadTo400
  4. Share in any RF ONLINE GROUPS
  5. Mention anyone who are playing RF ONLINE
    📌NOTE: You must comment, react and share on the given link. Do not comment here on this photo but on the given link.

The mechanics are very simple and you will get a chance to win Gold Capsules by online Reacting “wow” sharing and commenting the hashtag #RFUprisingRoadTo400

Anyone who does not follow any of the mentioned mechanics will not be able to join the Raffle Give Away of gold capsule (10 winners of 500,000 gold capsule).

Announcement of winners will be on Saturday, December 5.
We will end the submission of entries on December 4.

⚔️Want to join 5vs 5? Read the details here: https://bit.ly/3lvG1qy⚔️

🌐FULL CLIENT: https://bit.ly/3n42g8g
🌐Register: https://uprisingforce.gamecp.net/
🌐Website: https://rftheuprising.com/⚔️