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Pillars of beacon will be spawned at Sette Desert upon entering choke point.

  1. You are not allowed to destroy your own beacon destroying your own beacon will only jeopardize your objectives.
  2. Cora and Bellato must join forces.
  3. You can use any resources to speed up your DPS putting towers are also allowed.
  4. All races are given 1 hour to destroy the beacon of other race.

Event Information:
✅In each race there will be 12 huge beacons to be spawned.
✅It’s the same as having a chip war, you defend and you DPS.
✅Considering the huge population of ACC, the Cora and Bellato union must coordinate and join forces with each other which means (Bellato and Cora) will have to ally.
✅Since it’s a joined forces, Bellato and Cora will also have 12 beacons to defend.
✅Acc beacon will be spawned near their choke point upon entering.
✅ The beacons of Cora and Bellato will be spawned on the path way near “Cauldron Entrance”
✅The first to destroy all the beacon wins
✅If the 1 hour ends and there are still beacons standing the race with the most killed beacons will be considered as winner.

⚔You must defend your beacon and do not allow the other races to destroy it.

Since this is an allied event the losing race will only receive less prize.

The first to destroy all the beacons = (1 Santa Chooty, 3 Minor Elan PB’s of your choice and 3d Boss)

The losing race = (1 Beacon, 3d)

Good luck!

May you coordinate well with your race!

When: December 22, 2020
Call time: 6:30PM
Start: 7:00PM
End: 8:00PM