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Uprising Speed Server Merge


Q: Which server will be the base server?

A: Uprising PVP will be the base server. All players on Uprising Speed will be moved into Uprising PVP. Characters on the Uprising PVP server do not need to take any of the actions listed on this page.

Q: When is the server merge?

A: January 19 2022

Q: Do I get to keep my character’s name?

A: Every Uprising PVP player will be able to keep their name. Uprising Speed players might have their names reset. You will need to enter a character name once the servers merge if the name already exist. This means that players may lose their character names if the name is already registered in Uprising PVP.

Q: If I add up the number of characters from both Uprising PVP and Uprising Speed,I have more than three. Will that be a problem?

A: Not necessarily, but you will only be able to keep a maximum three characters. That means if you have two characters from Uprising PVP and three from Uprising Speed, you can’t play your Uprising Speed characters until you delete two of your Uprising PVP characters. Regardless of the number of characters you had before the merge, you will have to choose three character you wish to play on the newly merged server.

Q: Will my equipped items and items in the inventory be transferred in the merge?

A: All items in the character that is equipped and in the inventory will be transferred in the merge.

Q: What about my UMT Storage and storage space?

A: For Uprising Speed characters, storage, UMT storage, and extended storage (extra storage/bank space bought by using a Cash Shop item) are not recovered. Please put all these items into your inventory before the merge.

Q: Will my guilds be affected?

A: Uprising Speed guilds will disappear. Please make sure you take out guild funds and guild items before the server merge.

Q: What about my storage (bank)?

A: Items left in the storage will not be transferred. Please put these items in your inventory before the merge.

Q: Will my contribution points and race money be affected?

A: Your race money and contribution points will not be affected.

Q: Will my Gold Points be affected?

A: Your Gold points will not be affected.

Q: Will my Certain Points and Temporary Points be affected?

A: Your Certain Points and Temporary Points will not be affected.

Q: Will my rental items be removed in the merge?

A: Your rental item will not be removed in the process.

Server Merge: January 19, 2022

Merge time: 3:00 PM