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TheMan’s Missing Pet

“My pet is missing and I need someone to look for it.”

The admin; “TheMan’s” pet went missing. It was last seen along the valley of Settlement wandering around and couldn’t find it himself.

So Citizens of Novus, your mission is to find the missing pet and report it to the Game Masters.

⚔️ You are to search for the missing pet once you found it you must report it to the GM by sending them a private message so he can TP to you and confirm that you found it.
GM Names:
⚔️You are not allowed to kill the missing PET. Once you found it you must report it immediately to the GM. (Killing it will disqualify you.)
⚔️When you found the PET you must not tell other players about it.
⚔️There are 3 rounds and in each round players are given 5 minutes to search for the missing pet. If someone found it it will be relocated and the same thing goes if no one founds it will still be relocated.
⚔️Once you found the MISSING PET you must IMMEDIATELY SEND THE GM a PRIVATE MESSAGE stating that you FOUND it. (Don’t make a notice or even shouting it) A GM will TP to you to confirm that you found it.

Failures of following these mechanics will disqualify you from joining the event.

When: November 27, 2020

Reward: Gold Capsules 300k

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