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SCUDLAVA – Blessing in Disguise PART 3

📌SCUDLAVA – A Blessing in Disguise PART III

🔰Event Information:
Hundreds of scudlava’s will be spawned at these corresponding maps:

  1. Sette Desert
  2. Elf Land
  3. Biolab 1 and 2
  4. Beast Mountains
  5. Outcast Land
  6. Elan
  7. Cauldron
  8. Cragmine

all maps that are accessible to all players, except settlements like (213, 117, haram, anacade, numerous and solus)

Hundreds of SCUD LAVA will invade said maps, but there is only 1 RANDOM SCUD LAVA that will drop a TICKET that says/description “YOU WON A RAZOR POKÉMON LIMITED EDITION KEYBOARD Upon looting, an announcement will appear on your system message.

🔰 Objective:
You must kill all the scudlava and if you’re lucky enough you will find said loot and claim said prize.

📌NOTE: To whoever acquires the ticket make sure to take a screenshot of the announcement and a screenshot of your TICKET and we will verify it ourselves.

I TheMan will host this event.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

When: March 10 2021
Call time: 6:30 PM
Start: 7:00 PM