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Gaming Chair Giveaway

On Sunday March 20, 2022 we will be randomly picking  1 lucky winner to win a COUGAR GAMING CHAIR.

But here’s the twist that will make the raffling of this gaming chair even more incredible and thrilling.

The management will provide the host with a list of all players who are eligible to win a gaming chair, and she will then select 20 players (randomly out of all the list). So after that, the 20 players will face an “elimination round,” the last remaining player will win the Gaming Chair.

However, if that remaining player has not been active in the last 7 days and has not completed the required number of hours, his/her entry will be considered void. The staff will then repeat the “elimination round” until only one player remains.

PS: We did not include “active for the past 7 days” on our mechanics to ensure that NO PLAYER will simply LOG IN and AFK in order to have an entry.

The host of our raffle tomorrow is Lean Esperon and she will be doing the live on her facebook page:


Date of draw: March 20, 2022 – Sunday

Time: After 9PM CW3