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Economy Improvements

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Right now with the rate of how things are the server will lack things to do unless there is a huge update.

The speed in which people farm is either so fast or so slow.

  • So fast = people with gears farm really fast
  • new players = little to no improvement when farming

My suggestions below would address 2 things. Better Economy and a very attractive new player experience which in turn gets the server more populated.


A huge update is tedious to do ( I think ) hence there should be a tweak on how the Economy is right now.

There are a few things that I suggest needs to be addressed

  1. Race Currency 
    1. No value due to Caliana Necklace being dropped all over the place
    2. They should be exclusive in Ether and dropped at a normal rate. 
      • gives value to Race Currency
      • allows “new players” to barter with current/high level players ( since it is needed to combine 67 mats )
      • more people farming means more areas to raid
  2. Gold Points
    1. Pig NPC – most items have no value
      • give value to GP / Increase GP consumption
      • Sell items that allow new players to at least try to farm high tier content
        • Right now in a new players cannot farm elf which is needed to get gears that allow you to farm Jetso/CT
        • Sell High Tear Race Elems. High Tier elems from the PVP Npc is nearly impossible for new players to farm. How do you kill lvl 67 geared players with your lvl 60 stuff?
        • Sell 6k pots via GP and add more cheap but easy to burn stuff via GP
    2. GP Farm
      • Jetso/CT should not have +500 GP drops this does not give incentive to anyone to farm Settle/Elan anymore
  3. Pitboss
    1. Make PB hunts more attractive to all players
    2. HQ PB ( a few things to change but try not to add all XD )
      • Increase GP drop rate
      • Change lvl 50 item drop to 60/55 superior items ( low drops )
    3. Lab | Princess Boss
      • Rework drops that would make high level players target and fight over this
  4. Crafting
    1. Allow 55/60 Crafting
      1. Increase drop of Crafting Materials right now RIAN only drops on a few mobs at a very low rate.
      2. This gives value to the inventors box dropped by HQ PB. Also allows players to have another reason to go out and farm and get raided.
      3. Gives value to mining outside of Talics

Just a few things that I think would greatly improve the economy and longevity of the server

Now as a developer you would ask where can i earn money from this?

ans. Time is Currency. There are folks who do not have Time to trade for in-game currency. They would rather spend it on RMT and Donations. Outside of BD and T7 gems what can you add to your donation shop that is something everyone wants to get but can be traded around or consumed.


PS : just my thoughts no need to be violent! Kupo!

Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2021 11:31 pm
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