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Average Player Feedback and Ideas

New Member

Hello! I’m a new player and currently playing in the Acrettia Empire, already have 6 characters lvl 65 and still farming for better gear. All my points are from a average player view, I understand RF Online is hardcore game but opening space for newcomers to grow and thrive in the game is needed specially for races with fewer players.

1 – As an acrettia player I see that we have fewer players on a daily basis and to lvl up from 55 to 65 in elf land is quite frustrating because:

*Hard to find a party with strongers Accretia, most of the time there is none in the map.

*Cora and Bellato kill everything in their path, sometimes we can’t even leave the entrance because of mines or some guild don’t let us in. I understand that this is a PVP server but most of the time I scan the map of elf land and quit the game because there is no Accretia there and I can’t do anything in the lvl 55 by myself.

*I would like to propose a safe area to lvl up in some map from 55 to 65 or increase XP from some mobs in other maps. This solves everything for any newcomers. Could be Outcast Land since we get 51 to 55 there, so newcomers could enjoy lvling till 51 normally.

2- Same thing to Talic Compressed and Cali Necklace, if there was more places or monsters that drops it, people would be more scattered in the maps and would be “safer” to farm it.

*As lvl 65 we have a hard time trying to kill solo and survive (2 hits = death) in elf land with no help.

*In Ether most of the time a race dominates the Cali Necklace farming, hardly I can make more than 500kk in one day because of it. I know it drops in Cauldron Tower but I can barely survive one hit as a Striker and with my Mercenary would take ages to kill one.

*This generates a problem, where I need to create another character to farm and lose pvp points since I doing the daily quests on my main character.

3- The weekly quest is too hard in terms of quantity of monsters and because it’s solo. No one of my guild would do 250/300 monsters because they can’t survive their hits and haven’t enough damage to bring it down before dying. This becomes unreachable for newcomers I suggest another alternative to get those rewards. I see supergeared players doing it solo, luring alot of mobs and killing it but I can barely kill one by myself.

*Yesterday we were doing the 1 daily quests (DQ for short) and lost more pvp points than we earned in the quest because of other parties in the cave doing the current path:

From the beginning to the middle of the cave and coming back/forth so they could get all the dracos and babas in 2 to 3 runs.

*Shriking it like 10 babas/10 curr/10 dracos would make it faster and more rewarding for everyone because of less time consumption so less raids from others races making 3000 pvp points worthwhile.

*I did a time test with all my guild, 8 players on 65, took us 3 hours to complete the 1 and 4 daily quests and thats too much. Daily quests 2 and 3 are not worth it 15% of def/atk 24h maybe worth only for supergeared players not for the average one. So in the next day we would need to start the quest 3 hours late than normal and thats too late. Same point again, shriking the quest make it easier to do it in the next day close to the time we started it.

*This is a view from average player, we can’t farm the best weapons doing the daily quests and dying all the time, shriking the quests opens space to growth for every new player and lowers the risk of being caught off guard and lose the pvp points, 2h 30min to do the 4h daily quest with 8 ppl is just too much. Let those that want to pvp battle each other and newcomers more safe, not everyone has 3h to play RF Online.

4- Some players don’t respect the spawn putting turrets in the spawn location like Belphegor/Cali White if the scanners could show us the turrets that would be great.

5- More guides to crafting in the website, I can’t find those on google and RF Online wiki haven’t any decent information. I don’t know most basic recipes because I’m learning from the start the game. Most of my teammates are veterans but have some kind of recipe guide would make me relly less on the teammates and more on myself.

Basically, End game quests/rewards, Leveling and Farming feedback.

Saturday and Sunday we quit the game because there was so many coras in every map we couldn’t finish anything we were doing. Now Saturday/Sunday is a no-no day to play. Really man, you need to endure alot of pain to level up and farm as Acrettia. *toaster tears*

Topic starter Posted : 04/05/2021 7:54 pm
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