Mechanics: 1. First player to upgrade a certain weapon to +5 will win the event. a. For 55 server: Weapon to be upgraded should be any LVL45 relic. b. For Main server: Weapon to be upgraded should be any LVL55 relic that can be bought at EVENT ITEM NPC at Sette Desert. 2. ONLY T3 […]

Laptop Event Part 4

IT IS TIME ONCE AGAIN FOR UPRISING LAPTOP EVENT PART IV Provided proof of recruitment must be made. EX: IGN of recruits proof of conversation via Social media etc. Said guild/guilds or players must be active in all aspects in game, IP addresses will be checked incase of dummy accounts and MAC address will checked […]

Guide Pic Event

RF UPRISING GUILD PICTURE EVENT!  Mechanics: -Guilds need to submit the latest guild pictures through email: Email add: [email protected] -Guild from Main and 55 guilds are the only ones allowed to join. -Minimum of 10 active members. -RF Uprising page will post these pictures. -Autolike / Auto react = Automatic disqualified -You can tag anyone […]