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⚔The bounty hunter event.⚔

As the title says; – The staff have decided to place a bounty in each head’s of every council in all races.
Each head will have a corresponding price if you manage to kill that certain target.

Race Leader = 15 pieces of Favor Talics
Council = 10 pieces of Favor Talics


  1. When you are to kill the target you must make sure that you are TAKING A VIDEO. The staff will verify if you have successfully eliminated the target.
    Either it;s a last it or solo kill, it will count AS LONG AS IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL FEEDING in order to get the bounty. Once proven guilty of such feeding your own character to another player you be sanctioned/banned + cpt wipe.
  2. You are allowed to kill them in any maps.
  3. We highly recommend players to take a video USING A SOFTWARE like;
  4. We highly recommend players to take a video USING A SOFTWARE like;
    🔰 zdsoft
    🔰 bandicam
    🔰 geforce experience (if you are using any GeForce video card) it’s good for recording.

–or any recording software that is easy to use.

  1. THE USE OF YOUR CELLPHONE AS A VIDEO RECORDER IS NO LONGER ALLOWED before we allowed it but THIS TIME those who will submit their videos recorded by their own CELLPHONE will not COUNT.
  2. You are no longer allowed to send your entries 1 by 1 meaning you need to compile all your videos/proofs.
    -To do this upload all your files/videos in Youtube and save all the links, transfer it to notepad and then send it to us on our page.
    -If you have a slow internet connection and low upload speed just at least trim the video exactly on the time that you killed the council/race leader. Upload every kill on youtube so that you won’t be uploading all the videos in bulk to the point of slowing your internet connection. This method works better for those players who had a bad internet connection. If your connection is stable you can then compile it or make a video slideshow of all your kills.
  3. Screenshots is no longer allowed it should be video.
  6. Councils and Race Leader can also join by killing the council of other races.

Once you are all done recording the video make sure to upload it on youtube so that we can view the video and then send us the link via our facebook page and we will verify your video
for legitimacy that you killed the target.

Anyone who does not follow the rule will have their entries voided.

📌The event is now active upon announcement until next week January 21, 2020

Until then, good luck and happy hunting!

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