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Age of Patron is now live

Greeting UPRISING!
At approximately 11:00 AM PST October 09-2021 We will undergo a full server migration into UPRISING’s next chapter.

What to expect:

  • All your account user/pass in the game and via game-cp will remain the same. Same goes for the link of said game-cp.
  • New Client must be downloaded in order to log in you UPRISING account, NEW UPRISING client links below.
  • EST of Maintenance is NDT, but rest assured that we will update you guys on an hourly bases.

What not to do:
Once you download NEW uprising client, do not patch or anything. This is a WHOLE other server, Making the one you are using now useless. Once downloaded DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN until Migration is complete

Welcome to the new age…

See the full patch notes/guides/combines and more below:

Server Information